Accessible Learning Student Ambassadors (ALSAs)

Accelerate worked with ALSAs Accessible Learning Student Ambassadors (ALSAs) who were comprised of undergraduate art and design students from the UK, Ireland, Poland, and Ukraine.

Throughout the project ALSAs provided essential insight and feedback and were involved with:

  • structured focus-group providing quantitative and qualitative evaluation of their learning experience during 2020- 21 for the Diagnostic Survey
  • beta-testing and evaluation of immersive tools, environments, and teaching materials of the Immersive eco-system and Case Studies presentations at multiplier events (optional)

Given the projects focus on accessible immersive learning, only students who self-declared as having one or more of these accessibility ‘indicators’ joined the ALSA cohort:

  • students with self-declared physical, sensory, and cognitive functional diversity
  • students with self-declared different learning styles
  • students who self-declare as being caught in the ‘digital gap’ (with low-quality devices, limited software, and poor or unreliable internet access)
  • students with self-declared complex personal circumstances that affect their ability to participate fully in synchronous teaching (e.g. have caring responsibilities or who travel a long distance for class) Their insight and experience have shaped our outcomes.
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