Research Papers

Research Strands

The ACCELERATE team have put together a series comprehensive lists of references exploring relevant research strands to the Accelerate Project.

These sources are by no means exhaustive, but they give an indication of the many references considered by specialists and participants throughout the Accelerate project.

Case Studies - Full Reports

The following Case Study reports are provided in full for the purpose of demonstrating the scope of the Accelerate project. They are shared in their entirety as examples of pedagogical research for others to use and cite.

Chernivtsi National University, Ukraine.


Can Immersive Technology help prepare students in Decorative and Applied Arts for the modern labour market? A case study exploring the use of graphic tools in 3d modelling of Fashion Design & Accessories.


Authors: Myroslava Zhavoronkova and Nataliia Hatezh. Translation by Valeriia Saftiuk.

Subject: BA (Hons) Fashion Design & Accessories, Department of Decorative, Applied and Fine Art.

University of the Arts London


Digital Learning Spaces; The exploration of Immersive web XR as learning environments.


Authors: Darryl Clifton and Matt Hawkins (in consultation with Julian King, IADT)

Subject: BA (Hons) Illustration, Graduate Diploma in Illustration and MA Illustration

Associated Papers

Sumy State University


Immersive learning technology for ensuring quality education: Ukrainian university case.

Authors: Volodymyr O. Liubchak, Yurii O. Zuban and Artem E. Artyukhov