Accelerate Online Course

An online introduction to VR, AR and XR for lecturers in Art, Design and Media Higher Education.

This online training course is for art and design lecturers with no prior experience of immersive technologies, and for those seeking to incorporate immersive technology into their teaching. It is also of use to Learning technologists, CPD trainers, technical demonstrators, and technicians for supporting art and design lecturers in developing accessible immersive learning approaches.

The course aims to enhance the digital competencies of new lecturers regardless of subject orientation. On successful completion, you will gain an understanding of basic VR AR and XR concepts and recognize where VR technology might fit in art, design, and media education and identify potentials and challenges associated with the use of VR in Higher Education.

This step-by-step introductory level course can be taken as a free-standing course or applied to support existing institutional training programmes.

What will you cover?


• Introductions to VR, AR, XR
• Basic Art & design teaching & Learning and online Pedagogy
• VR Lesson planning

What will you achieve?


On successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

• Develop an understanding of basic VR, AR and XR concepts.
• Recognise where VR technology might fit in Art, Design and Media education.
• Identify the potentials and challenges associated with the use of VR in Higher Education

IADT’s David introduces the ACCELERATE project online training course, a course primarily developed for ordinary lecturers in Art, Design and Media education.

Course Structure


Part 1 – Introduction 


  • Basic Definitions
  • How does VR Work?
  • Case Studies & Examples
  • Upsides and Downsides
  • Glossary

Part 2 –  Basic Art & Design Teaching & Learning and Online Pedagogy 


  • How does VR fit with Current Teaching Practice?
  • Advantages of Online Learning
  • VR as an Exhibition Space
  • Basic Pedagogy & Online Pedagogy
  • Universal Design and Access in Art, Design & Media VR Spaces

Part 3 – Your VR Lesson Plan 


  • A possible VR Class Checklist
  • Basic Questions to ask Yourself

Part 4 – Useful Links and Information 

The course design was led by Institute for Art, Design and Technology Dublin, and is hosted on the interactive learning platform developed by Sumy State University Ukraine.