Methodological Guide​

This is a key resource for motivating and supporting anyone with an interest in engaging with the possibilities offered by accessible immersive teaching and learning.

The Methodological Guide presents a set of new pedagogical models and frameworks for the successful development of accessible immersive learning approaches and practices.  It will do this by capturing the perspectives, experience, and expertise of the art and design lecturers, educational specialists, and learning technologists involved in the ACCELERATE project.

The guide is a collaborative production that reflects the multidisciplinary and multi-perspective nature of the project’s participants, and is directly informed by the project meetings, the focused training activities, and the intellectual outputs. The resources are designed to engage both lecturers who have never used immersive technologies before, and those who already have experience of engaging with these technologies. It does not aim to be definitive or comprehensive but encourages others to build on and refine its work.

Opportunities for the educational use of this website are numerous. Elements can be used as teaching aids for course preparation, training materials for classes or workshops, or simply for finding examples of how other art & design institutions have used immersive technologies.

Accelerate invites all users to freely access, promote, and distribute all the resources and contents of this website 

To Navigate:

Content is available under relevant headings with access via multiple routes. Just click on the titles that interest you, or use the search box. 

The structure of the guide includes embedded illustrations, videos, and external links, it allows for both sustained engagement with its content and more targeted consultation. 

Resources are downloadable, reproducible, and accessible on different devices (computer, mobile phone and tablets). 

Who is the Target Audience?

  • Art and Design lecturers with no prior experience of developing immersive learning experiences
  • Art and Design lecturers seeking to improve their online teaching
  • Art and Design lecturers planning to revise their courses or programmes to incorporate online/blended learning approaches
  • Learning technologists, CPD trainers, technical demonstrators, and technicians who need to support art and design lecturers in developing accessible immersive learning approaches
  • Researchers in XR technologies interested in learning how these technologies might be used in teaching and learning
  • Art and Design Students
  • Anyone interested in Accessibility

Resources include:

  • Contextual ‘sections/chapters’ grouped around Art and Design teaching and Learning; Accessibility; Immersive technologies; and Pedagogical innovation.
  • Insight into Methodological frameworks  built upon four training activities: Accessible Pedagogies, Immersive technologies, Immersive pedagogies, and developing accessible immersive pedagogies for art and design.
  • A series of case-studies explore the potential value of accessible immersive learning for art and design teaching and learning.
  • Principles of good practice for developing accessible immersive pedagogies for art and design
  • Relevant online resources and other materials

This project has been co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. The website information reflects the views only of the authors, and the European Commission and UK National Agency cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.